Gladioli Pip Dark Peak In 2011 Thriller

Gladioli came away victorious with a time of 0:48:44 just 28 seconds ahead of Dark Peak in a year of fast times for many teams.

Congratulations to all those who completed this years gruelling challenge.

Team results are available here.

Full report and photos will follow shortly.

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2 Responses to Gladioli Pip Dark Peak In 2011 Thriller

  1. Nidge says:

    Congratulations for another great event and weekend. This was our seventh year as spectators and no doubt will not be our last. As long as you have beer and music we will be there to support you.
    (edited) Thanks everyone for making us always feel welcome. It would be good next year if you have some commemorative goods i.e. T shirts, pint pots etc that we could take away as keepsakes. Keep up the good work. THE MANCHESTER BOYS

  2. Cowboy Stu says:

    Well done to all the organisers and participants, another great weekend. As Nige says keep doing what you are doing we will suport you by buying lots and lots of beer and stuff. THE MANCHESTER BOYS.
    P.S found it hard to find this place to leave a comment maybe a tab just for comments.

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