2013 Event Cancelled

Sadly the Great Kinder Beer Barrel Challenge is not going to happen this year. But we do want the event to run again in 2014. It’s been pointed out to us that other great events, for example Glastonbury, do periodically have years off to rest and re-think what’s happening. We’re consoled by being in good company, so watch this space.

A lot of you, I know, have been very supportive and enthusiastic, so to you all, a big thank you for times past. Looking forward, we need to decide what this event is. Is it a quirky challenge that does some good for our local community, where we get together and do something completely pointless because it’s a physical and fun custom, then go and have a few beers and talk about it, or is it a fell race with an extra touch of gladiatorial excitement? You’ve got a stake in this! Help us keep it going. We’d love to hear what bits you enjoy and what you want.

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3 Responses to 2013 Event Cancelled

  1. Deeanne Rothwell says:

    Im a landlady and we are thinking of having a barrel run in our village. Would it be possible for the organiser/s of your run to email me so we could discuss organisation of a run and the pro’s and con’s you experienced. Thankyou in advance

  2. Alan Moore says:

    If you decide to runthis in 2014 please contact me as i would love to organise a team to compete.
    I have done one similar through the streets of london but the difference was you got to drink the beer at several points throughout the course making it interesting and tactical,

  3. Glenn Ellis says:

    On behalf of 8 middle aged blokes in Disley, we would love to participate in this challenge in 2014! And help to support this unique event.

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