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  1. Stuart Hancock says:

    I am absolutely gutted I had to miss the event this year due to a back problem. This is the first time Iv missed since 2005 when Nige and myself accidentally stumbled across the race while camping with our young daughters. But the usual gang of lads attended to cheer the racers on then tried to drink all the beer in Edale. Well done to the organisers who do a tough job and all for the good of the community. As Nige mentioned this year we would be happy to help with the race next year. Looking forward to next year.

    • Mike Wolstenholme. says:

      Nige has obviously told you what an amazing day it was. Blessed with the weather and fantastic spirit from all the participants, as always, it was great to see the Manchester lads party until late into the night, ate and drank to their hearts content, you guys really do bring something to the party.
      Glad you enjoyed it, and it makes all the hard work worth while.
      Stu, I hope your back gets better soon, See you guys next year.
      Mike. W

  2. Nige says:

    What a fantastic weekend again!! This is one of the highlights of our calendar and it seems to get better year on year.

    Congratualations to Dark Peak for their winning performance and a special congratualtions to the Edale Ladies who not only managed to finish the course in a respectable time but then managed to party until the early hours at the community centre. Well done!!!

    We have been coming for that long now that we feel part of it, almost locals, and to this end we would like to offer our services as volunteers for next year. We have varing degrees of expertise within our group from pure braun, IT management, Service managers, installation engineers and entrepreneurs etc. so I am sure that our skills could be used somewhere?

    Please let me know if we can be of assistance and I will rally the troups.

  3. Paul says:

    Again what a great day and night, it’s good to see all the same faces every year and we really look forward to the weekend at edale cheering on the great kinder beer barrel challenge competitors.
    As Stuart and Nige have said we will be more than happy to help out and after the conversation with Mike on the night feel we may be of some use (apart from helping drink all the beer) next year and following years, it would be a real disappointment if it finished due to lack of help!!!!
    Thank you for all involved during the years we have been invading your space….! It is much appreciated by all the Manchester lads and we look forward to spending lots more (face painting, eating, drinking, laughing, dancing and generally making a nuisance of ourselves) please pass our thanks on and let Nige know what we can do to help!!

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